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Dear Friends,

Read Romans 10 verses 5 -15. “How can they come to believe if they have never heard?” (Verse 14)

Surveys tend to show that most people acknowledge some sort of spiritual dimension to life and many people will join a variety or religious groups in the hope of finding a religion that will satisfy their needs.

The mistake is in believing that any group, simply through its rules and rituals, will solve our problems and make us happy.

It’s as if there is a dimension missing from our lives and we see life like a photograph but never really capture the truth of the moment Good as a photograph is in recalling an occasion, the pictures that last are the ones etched deep in our minds and souls; these pictures conjure up not only the look of an event, but the taste, smell, sound, atmosphere and emotion of it all.

The life which Jesus offers is not a two or three dimensional life but a life in the eternity of God’s Holy Spirit which permeates all dimensions of our existence.

In the Bible, the whole of life, with all its joys and sorrows, is revealed and following Jesus Christ leads us beyond mere existence to true fullness of life.

Everything is declared to be under God’s care and his Son reaches out to all people bringing good news to the poor and freedom to those who are trapped in the harsh realities of three dimensions.

Churches are so often listed in directories under leisure industries, along with sport, dancing, pubs, etc. but Christianity isn’t just a spare time activity when the day’s work is done.

God, in whose image we believe we are made, demands that we acknowledge another dimension to every part of our lives. If we let the Holy Spirit guide what we do, then God offers us a new perspective, and each new perspective opens up new possibilities.

God’s Holy Spirit gives the breath of life to all creatures and is sent from God to breathe a new quality of life into those who believe in Jesus. But as St. Paul says in our opening reading, “How can they come to believe if they have never heard?” We need to communicate our faith in many different ways, and this should be as natural to us as breathing.

So let us be a breath of fresh air to the community we serve and may we be refreshed as we see the new things God is doing in our part of the South Holderness Circuit.

Every Blessing

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The next Communion services are on September 13th and October 25th.

Wives and Friends

9 September — AGM & Quiz night
23 September — Rev Lansford Penn-Timity (t.b.c.)

Hull Methodist Women’s Luncheon Club

The Methodist Women’s Luncheon Club meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Kingston Theatre Hotel, Kingston Square, Hull. We enjoy fellowship, a good meal and have a varied programme of speakers or musical entertainment.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd September, the speaker is Rev Randall Barlow. Any lady wishing to join us will be made very welcome.

If you require any further details, please contact Margaret Bettley Tel. 7xxxx2 (Circuit Rep)

Exploring Craft – September

These free to attend groups will meet at Ings Library on Friday 11th September, 10 am to 12 noon.

The Central Library group will meet a weekly earlier than planned and will be on Thursday 17th September 10 am to 12 noon.

For more information about the groups please speak to me in Church or phone Linda on 7xxxx7 or 0795x xxx xx5

Barn Dance & Harvest Supper

Sutton Methodist will be holding their traditional Barn Dance and Harvest Supper on Saturday October 3rd 2015 from 7 till 10 at a cost of £5 per ticket for adults and £2.50 per child.

This is a social activity so ask all your friends, relatives and neighbours as it is a very good evening of entertainment, even if you can’t dance the music is wonderful to listen to and supper is included in the price of the ticket.

The Hayriders Ceilidh band are one of the top local bands and always give us a very entertaining evening so we would appreciate your support for this event.



The total collected for Christian Aid Week was £1578 with Gift Aid to be collected on £425.

This total was boosted by £382 raised at the Coffee Day at the Hornbeams.

So many thanks to everyone who helped with door to door collections, the Coffee Day, gave donations, had a cake bake at work or ran their own fundraising events.

Thank you all for your hard work.
Ruth Harker

Knitting for the premature Baby Unit

Many thanks to all who have continued to send me parcels of tiny knitted blankets and baby clothes.

Please continue to do so, they are very much appreciated by the hospital staff and parents of the babies.

If anyone would like to start knitting for these babies, please contact me and I will let you have copies of the patterns we use.

If you don’t knit but would like to learn, that would be great so again, please contact me. Linda, on 7xxxx7 or 0795x xxx xx5.


Do you like to knit and/or crochet? Do you enjoy helping good causes through your knitting? KNITWITS is a friendly group who meet twice a month on a Wednesday afternoon at St Columba’s Church, Laburnum Ave East Hull. New members are always welcome.

If you would like to know more or donate any wool please contact Liz Pacey on 01482 xxx xx3 k********z@g***

Foliage for Festivities!

Are you, or anyone you know planning to have conifers (the soft foliage type, not the spiky one), and/or holly plants trimmed in November?

If so I would be grateful if you would let me have the pieces that are cut-off for Christmas baskets and other decorations.

Please call me on 8xxxx0, or speak to me in Church. Thank you, Susan.

Church Library

The Church library is open every Sunday I am in Church, and you are welcome to come and borrow the books, simply put your name, and the date in the notebook, and noting the date they are returned…

Other Books, and Greetings Cards are displayed on the cake table and are for sale at 50p each with all proceeds going to the Church funds.

Plants and produce are sometimes on sale too so please look out for them when you go through for your tea/coffee.

Donations of books, old greetings cards and jewellery are always welcome for fundraising.

Linda Whitton

Looking for Matthew

Some may, others may not, know who the young man is who is playing the piano for Sunday services while Wendy is not able to be with us. Well this is Matthew’s story.

A man called Colin, who sits upstairs at Church, pondered the predicament of no regular musician. Colin lives in east Hull, and he likes to visit charity shops.

He happened to be in such a shop on Hessle Road, and on the spur of the moment he asked a shop assistant if she knew of anyone who could play the piano. “Yes” was the bright reply, and told him about Matthew, and how they could meet.

Matthew is a self-taught pianist, with a passion for classical music. He was feeling a bit down about his situation and was thinking of giving up playing the piano. He would like to have piano lessons to help him progress, but they are too expensive.

There seemed no point in continuing with music as no-one heard him and no-one seemed interested in his musical ability.

Then along came Colin, and when asked the question, Matthew was rather cautious as he had never played hymns, but was prepared to come along and see how he might help us.

If you come to Sunday services, the rest you will know. Matthew is learning as he goes along with limited opportunity to practice as it is late in the week before he knows what hymns to rehearse for each Sunday.

He does enjoy coming and playing for us, and hopefully one day he will be able to give us a recital of his favourite classical music too. So, thank you Matthew, the church and you seem to have been intended to meet!

See more about Matthew Bunting

FORTY YEARS AGO – The Church Newsletter, September 1975

Paragraph from Rev. Arnold Johnson’s letter:

This September, after something of a summer break (and what a summer!), our church life, work and witness is getting into full swing again. At the start of this new Methodist church year, I hope that we all renew our will and determination to make our local church stronger and more effective. It is true of all of us that our enthusiasm and commitment flags at times and needs to be renewed. Let us help one another and pray so that this may happen.

If you know anyone who would appreciate flowers on the Monday after a service please give their names to Ann Borrill and Jenny Wood, whether they have been ill, sad or joyful.

If you would like to receive the newsletter “hot off the press” please supply your email address to the Editor at the email address below.

Email Editor: s****i@s****i.k*** or tel 7xxxx9

Sutton Flower Rota:

6 Sept B Berry
13 Sept Jan Gay
20 Sept M Parker
27 Sept J Dearing

Sutton Cake Rota:

6 Sept Ann, Brenda
13 Sept Ruth, Angie
20 Sept Helen, Fiona
27 Sept Joyce, Julie

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church, in the Hull East circuit, seeks to serve God and the community by making the ministry of Jesus Christ relevant for the 21st century. Through our Worship; Learning; Caring; Service and Evangelism, lived out in many varied ways, we believe we offer something for all the community. Whatever your age Sutton Methodist Church would welcome you into its ‘Family’ through any of the activities you see mentioned on this website.