The Death of a Spider

One night as I watched my television screen
The biggest spider I have ever seen
Roamed the lounge in search of pray
I held my breath and kept out of her way!

There was no one to call on to place her outside
To pick her up I could not abide
She twice patrolled the rug by my fire
But showed none of the speed to which spiders aspire.

When I saw her again she was trailing some cat fluff
I looked on with pity, enough was enough
I gingerly placed my heel on the fur
And managed to tug it free from her

I quickly retreated to the safety of my sofa
In case she wasn’t a slow moving loafer
I felt she was suffering, I thought she was dying
She certainly seemed to find life trying

I was concerned lest my cat spot her
Ebonnie did and darted to swat her
I called my cat back and checked the wall
But the spider had escaped out into the hall

I’m frightened of spiders I must admit
But they’re a delight and do their bit
It ridding us of pest and flies
They can tackle a bluebottle twice their size

A week later I saw an inert form by the door
She had expired and was no more
Her eight eyes were closed in silent repose
But I felt the relief from my head to my toes

I gently picked her up with a tissue
My fear of spiders no longer an issue
I dropped her outside in a garden bowl
And said a prayer for her little soul.

Written by Jean our friend at the café

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