From the Manse

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed a good Christmas, wherever and however you spent it. The New Year has begun and there is a new magazine to mark the start of 2018, with details of forthcoming events. How quickly time rolls on. In all the rush of life, I hope you find some time to be still and marvel at the goodness of God. At the start of a fresh year I am drawn to the hymn by Charles Wesley: ‘Sing to the great Jehovah’s praise’ reminding us of God’s providence bringing us through ‘another various year.’ (Singing the Faith 127)

Our lips and lives shall gladly show
the wonders of thy love,
while on in Jesus’ steps we go
to see thy face above.

(Verse 4)

During February the season of Lent begins — starting the journey with Christ to the Cross. In 2018, Ash Wednesday falls on 14th February. There will be a Circuit Ash Wednesday Service in Keyingham Methodist Church at 7.30pm. Why not choose to mark the start of your journey through Lent by coming along?

Traditionally Lent is a season for fasting, praying and seeking to give up those things that we know aren’t doing us any good. But if giving up chocolate or crisps or cake or alcohol isn’t for you, then why not try one of the ways listed below to help you find space and different ways of drawing closer to God throughout this season:

Start a new prayer rhythm – you might want to use prayers from a particular devotional book or you could simply pray every time you brush your teeth or each time you check your emails or walk to the shops or sit quietly in a particular chair. Create a pattern that works for you and increases the time you spend with God.

Read one chapter from the Bible each day. Matthew’s gospel is quite a good book to start with or perhaps the Psalms.

Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Give up buying soft drinks or fast food or coffee from your favourite coffee shop and give the money you save to help people in some part of the country where there is a crisis at the moment.

Create a daily quiet time where you spend 20-30 minutes in silence just listening for what God might say to you.

Cultivate a life of gratitude by writing someone a thank you letter each week and becoming increasingly aware of how many people have helped you along the way.

Be kind to someone every day.

Pray for the people that you see as you walk or drive to school or work or to the shops.

Volunteer for one hour or more each week at a local school or residential home or refuge – in fact anywhere that will have you and where you can make a difference to people’s lives.

Join with a group of people to discuss and study together during the weeks leading up to Holy Week.

So, whether we give something up, or take something on for Lent, may it help us to draw closer to our wonderful God who in Christ gave up everything for us. I hope 2018 allows you time to marvel at the love of Jesus Christ for you.

Every blessing,

Rev Debbie


We pray for At the time of going to press the whole Church Family has been shocked and saddened to learn of the unexpected death of our dear friend, Barrie Renwick. We pray for Vanessa and Mike who were especially close to Barrie.

We continue to pray for Ron and Doreen Forth. Currently they are both living in residential care at Churchill House.

We pray for Barbara and Laurie Berry, Keith and Lois Thomas, Colin and Valerie Clare, Zem Rodaway, Barbara and Dave Whelan,

Debbie, our minister, who has recently struggled to speak due to a heavy cold.

We pray for those who are unable to come to worship due to ill health or mobility problems, remembering Jean Clark, Vanessa Hughes, Brenda Robson and Christine Clark. Those living permanently in residential homes, especially Vera Hutchings and Ian Hodgson; Alan Bays and Connor McKervey, both undergoing treatment.

ALSO PRAY FOR – The needs of the Circuit, the Circuit Staff, Circuit Stewards and individual churches in the Circuit.


During our recent Christmas Tree Festival, we displayed a Prayer Tree. The invitation was as follows:

This tree is for your prayers, thoughts and remembrances.

Please use one of the small cut-out trees to write a short prayer for someone or a situation that requires prayer. Alternatively, you may wish to express gratitude for someone or something by way of a ‘Thank you’ prayer.

If you simply want to remember someone special write their name on one of the small trees as an act of remembrance.

Hang the small cut-out tress on the large tree. This is a summary of people’s requests for prayer through the Prayer Tree:

Please pray for Alison and children; Joan Borrill who is very poorly; our next door neighbour Arthur who died recently; Keith and Lois; Melisa and family; Philip; Bill and Maureen; Joan as her life comes to a peaceful end; Ron and Doreen; Colin and his wife Valerie who is very ill; Dennis and Brenda; our friends who are not well.

Several prayers mentioned parents and grandparents who have passed away, granddads, grandmas, nannas and grandpas who are missed greatly. There were prayers for families; ‘everyone’; good health and safety for everyone; health, wealth and happiness for everyone; all community workers; peace in Israel and Palestine; peace on earth; refugees and homeless people; the innocence of children.

Thank you’s included the joy on children’s faces at Christmas; the Christmas lights; thank you for Mummy and Daddy; thank you for our loved ones who are now your angels in heaven, including John, Aileen, Ron, Arthur and Joyce; thank you for all the people who are the Church Family in Sutton.


During the Christmas Day morning service Reverend Debbie invited us to begin making a paper chain expressing our joys and hopes on Christmas Day.

Here are the thoughts expressed on each link of the chain:

God is with us wherever we are, offering His Love; the joy of fellowship at church, at home, with our families; let this Child be born in my heart; a message from my son saying thank you for all the happy memories of Christmas; Christmas is the most peaceful day of the year; the bringing together of people; Quality Street for breakfast; friendship; sharing in the Christingle Service; peace to the world; time spent with family; sympathy and understanding in the world; peace in the world; realizing how blessed we are compared to some poor people, especially the Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh; hope for peace for all; peace on earth; the hope that more might accept the real reason for celebrating Christmas; the hope of peace, personal peace, world peace; being linked to family and friends; the joy of being reunited with family and friends after years of struggling relationships; remembering joyous times shared with those who have passed away this year.

This paper chain does not have to be just for Christmas. Perhaps you were not able to attend the Christmas Day service and you would like to add your own paper link(s). There is no limit to the length of the chain! The paper chain will be in the church over the coming weeks so please feel free to add to its length.


Our chapel was built in 1859 so this year we celebrate our 159th Anniversary. For the morning service at 10.45am we welcome back Reverend Keith Borwick as the preacher. Keith was the minister of our church from 2003 – 2011. We are delighted that Keith’s wife, Joanne, and their children, Rebekah, Liam, Joshua and Chloe will also be coming across from Lancashire to be with us at our anniversary celebrations.

Following the anniversary morning service on Sunday 11th February we shall be having a FAITH LUNCH. This will give Keith and family the opportunity to catch up with everyone. Later in the afternoon, at 4pm, Keith and Rebekah will be leading a Circuit Service at the Holderness Road Methodist Church so please put that in your diary too.


The group is in its 9th year and recently started up after the Christmas break. We would encourage more of you to come along and give your help and support to the sessions. We meet during school term on two Thursday teatimes a month between 4-6 pm covering a variety of themes and bible stories. No experience needed, just a willingness to help children and their families enjoy these fun sessions. Having more helpers would also mean more children could be welcomed into the sessions.

We look forward to seeing you on the following dates:
Thursday 11th January Craft Club
Thursday 25th January Messy Church
Thursday 8th February Craft Club
Thursday 22nd February Messy Church
Thursday 15th March Craft Club

Any questions or queries please contact Angie on 01482 706525 Or Julie Lloyd.


Chapel Anniversary Sunday 11th February 2018


It will soon be panto time again and this year it will be Peter Pan. We will be performing on Saturday 17th February at 2pm and 7pm at a cost of £5 per adult and £2.50 per child. We look forward to seeing you all there to join in with the fun.

Jumble Sale

The Jumble Sale will take place on Saturday 10th March from 10am – 1pm. We would appreciate help to set up on the Friday evening and help on the actual day as well as donations for the stalls and if these need collecting please call us on 712814.

When you start spring cleaning please could you collect any jumble for our next sale. This jumble can be brought to the church or collected after the pantomime due to shortage of space. Many thanks for all your support.

Many thanks for all your help from Robin and Helen Siddle.

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Please could you donate any unwanted Christmas gifts to us for forthcoming fundraising events throughout 2018. Please pass these on to Robin and/or Helen. Many Thanks.


We have recently had the chairs in the hall re-upholstered, (in time for the pantomime……….). They have cost £3.50 per chair and we are looking for sponsorship per chair.

If anyone is willing to contribute there will be envelopes for the donations to put in with the collection.


Thank you.


Group meetings for January and February are:

Central Library Thursday 11th January and Thursday 15th February both 10 am to 12 noon.

There will be no meetings in January at Ings Library.

Also at Bransholme Methodist Church every Tuesday during the Coffee Morning/Table Top Sale, 9.30 to 11.30am.

Things can be made to order, and straightforward alterations and repairs.

Enquiries to Linda


Will be open every Sunday I am in church, during coffee time after the

Books can be borrowed, just put your name, book title and date in the notebook, and put the date in when you return the book(s).

Also available for sale are books, Greetings Cards, occasionally produce when available, and sometimes other goods.

Have a look when you are getting your drink and cake.

All money raised from these sales is for Sutton Church funds.


Items continue to be needed for the Baby Unit. Tiny jackets, hats, mitts and bootees, and also hats for bigger babies. As ever I am happy to take these items to the hospital where they are always very well received. I can supply patterns to anyone who would like to knit for the babies.

Many thanks for those who have made Twiddle Muffs and passed them on to me. It would be good to have more people to knit the basic Twiddle Muffs as they continue to be wanted for dementia patients. I will stitch up and apply the twiddly bits if knitters prefer. They are given to every patient with dementia that visit HRI clinics, wards etc.

To make one:

Cast on 40 sts in chunky wool or 2 strands of double knitting wool on 6.5mm needles. Work in stocking stitch to 11 inches. Change to double knitting wool of any colour and texture, stitch, stitch patterns, or use ribbon or lace or any type of knittable things you want to, with whatever variety you can. Continue knitting to 23 inches. Cast off. At this point they can be passed on to me to finish. To finish yourself, with right side facing stitch long sides together. Turn right side out and fold first 11 ins inside and sew ends together. Securely stitch things agitated fingers can twiddle, about 6 on outside and 4 on the inside. Twiddle bits can be anything you like, buttons, beads, lace, zips, even a little pocket on the outside to pop a hanky into.

Please speak to Linda Whitton if you have any questions on these projects, or phone on 783517.


Meetings are held every Thursday from 2pm mainly in the Potterill Hall, with group activities and occasional outings. New members are always welcome, men and women. Anyone is welcome to come to a meeting and see if this is a group they might like to join.


This group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month, at 7.45pm in the Potterill Hall. There is a programme of invited speakers, entertainment and members activity evenings. Any ladies who would like to come and meet this group will be very welcome, and very welcome to join the group.

THANK YOU to the people who helped make decorations for the Craft
Tree in the Christmas Tree Festival. The things made added greatly to the look of the Craft tree. The Church looked magnificent with all the trees looking wonderful, and many lovely comments were made. Pictures of the church full of Christmas trees are still on the internet, by looking up Sutton Methodist Church. It may be January, but looking the pictures is a great way to add some colour and cheer to the current cold, dark, wet winter days.


A great big thank you to everyone who helped in either of the above events. £800 was taken from the Christmas Fair and the Christmas Tree Festival realized £414. All proceeds went to support church funds. Those involved put in a huge amount of time and effort to make them happen we really do appreciate it.

What a joy and delight to see Cavendish School, uniformed organisations, the playgroup and local businesses working alongside the church in the Christmas Tree Festival all raising the profile of what it means to be ‘Community’ together. There were many encouraging and positive comments made by those who visited. Some were impressed that we had ‘live music’, others said how beautifully decorated all the trees were down to the smallest and poignant details, and the fact that there was no charge for the ‘angels’ was a pleasant surprise for many. One lady was taking her angel back to her own church, so they could do something similar next year. So, a big thank you to those of you who dusted your knitting needles and ventured into the unknown. I hope you feel it was all worthwhile and are looking forward to next year whatever that may hold.


On 4th of December a small group from our church were invited to
Cavendish School to lead a Christingle Assembly and take the Christmas Story to the children. We had a great time and It was amazing to hear how much was remembered about the meaning of the Christingles which were made by volunteers and taken back to each class for further reflection.

After singing ‘Little Donkey’ the Christmas Story was then told in the form of a sketch with narrators and angels telling the story and the sheep playing a prominent part. Robin Siddle in his usual way, as leader of the sheep brought fun and energy to the performance but the other sheep (children) were a little confused as they had no idea what Robin was going to do next This brought lots of laughter from the audience and gave the children something extra to remember the Christmas Story by. Towards the end of the sketch the Nativity was celebrated with the singing of ‘Away in a Manger’.

I would like to say thank you to all the adults and children who helped to make the afternoon memorable but especially to the Sutton group who willingly gave up their time to take a little bit of Sutton Methodist Church into the school where we are always made most welcome.


Usually each year the circuit marks the Christmas season with the Martin House Carol Service held at Holderness Road, but this year Sutton marked the occasion with a performance of ‘The Gift’ by Graham Kendrick.

Sutton singers and guest instrumentalists (a number of whom were some of our own young people who now live in various parts of the country) came together on the day of the performance for a rehearsal: After a workshop in the afternoon for the musicians they were joined later in the day by the singers for a short practice, with the performance following on in the evening. It all came together brilliantly, and a wonderful time of joyful praise was had by all who came, with each song reminding us that we were celebrating the ‘Greatest Gift of all’. A fabulous way of focusing our minds as we entered Advent, that time of waiting for Christ, Immanuel – God with us.

It is with deep sadness though that as we look back to this occasion we remember Barrie, no longer with us in person as he was on the day of ‘The Gift’ when he led the singers in a couple of songs. Barrie who loved to sing praises to his Lord whenever and wherever possible and who will be remembered with much love and fondness by so many people. Sutton was the special place that Barrie always came home to and we will miss him so much. We were blessed to have known him and rejoice that he was part of this church family.


In September Rev Mary Lloyd rang me to ask if she could nominate me as a Circuit Steward. I was doubtful at first as I had had a previous experience as a Circuit Steward in a different Circuit, so I asked for some time to pray and think about the situation. I spoke with Sue, prayed and thought hard. It did seem a good time to take on such a role as our new Superintendent, Debbie, had just started her appointment so the Circuit would inevitably be at a time of change. I rang Mary back and she nominated me at the Circuit Meeting and the meeting said yes.

The role of a Circuit Steward is clearly defined in the Standing Orders of the Methodist Church, don’t worry I’m not going to detail them but they are contained in S.O. 531/2/3/4. They cover working with the ministers to oversee the spiritual and well-being of the Circuit, to act on the decisions of the Circuit Meeting, to be Treasurers of the Circuit Fund, to look after the manses and to be involved in invitations and appointments.

Some time ago I was the Circuit Treasurer for the old Hull East Circuit; I believe I served for about 10 years. As an accountant I am interested in the finances and I have sort of volunteered to work with our Circuit
Administrator, Bruce Taylor, on budgeting, planning and reporting. The Circuit is currently running a large deficit, a situation that will need some urgent attention to resolve. It will be a major challenge for us ALL to face up to some very difficult decisions.

So far, I have attended 2 Circuit Stewards meetings, 2 meetings of the
Circuit Leadership team (Stewards plus Ministers plus Bruce) and one
District Circuit Stewards away day in York. I have also attended 2 very enjoyable social functions. I am also the Circuit Steward who is allocated to the Withernsea and Holderness Road Church Councils so poor old Withernsea have already had to suffer me at one of their meetings.

My appointment is for 6 years and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be a very challenging and interesting period. I do hope you will pray for me and my fellow CLT members, Debbie, Colin, Denise, Lansford, Bruce, David, Grace, Joan, Linda and Mary.

Phil Langdale.


Reverend Arnold Johnson’s message in the January 1978

Dear Friends,

There seems to be a number of special items to share with you this month, so they are mentioned elsewhere in the Newsletter and my letter to you is simply a New Year’s greeting to you all.

1977 has been for many of us, and for our church, a very eventful year and we rejoice in God’s guidance in the positive, worthwhile happenings and achievements and for God’s strength given in the difficult times some of us have known, for best of all, He has been with us in all things.

As we look into the New Year, we continue to seek God’s guidance in our “mission” as His people. Please give your attention to the events mentioned in this Newsletter, share in them if you can, and pray for them in any case.

Best wishes for a happy and worthwhile 1978

Your friend and minister

Arnold S. Johnson


In the month of February 1978, the first paragraph of Arnold’s letter read:

‘At our recent Neighbourhood Committee meeting, it was agreed that in our continuing outreach, we should produce an attractive leaflet for use in the area. This would give information about our church and activities. It could then be used in various ways. To have some in the church porch for newcomers, for us all to have a few to give to any new contacts we may meet, and to do a ‘blanket’ distribution in our more immediate catchment area. In the case of new houses, we could organise a team to call on people with a leaflet in order to make personal contacts where possible. Consequently, a meeting has been arranged for anyone interested to come along to (a) help draught out the leaflet and (b) arrange suitable days/evenings in the spring to distribute leaflets and visit new families.’

Sutton Flower Rota:

14 Jan D Hunter
21 Jan B Holmes
28 Jan J Wood
4 Feb P Baslington
11 Feb V Hughes
18 Feb B Lazenby
25 Feb J Wood
4 March J Lloyd

Cakes as per rota.

Jan 7th Siddles
Jan 14th Sue, Ann, Ruth
Jan 21st Marge, Brenda, Andrea
Jan 28th Doreen, Phil, Margaret
Feb 4th Siddles
Feb 11th Andrea, Ann, Andrew
Feb 18th Marge, Ruth, Margaret
Feb 25th Phil, Elaine, Doreen

Please set out the chairs and cups etc. before church and if you are unable to do the date allocated please arrange a swap.

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church, in the Hull East circuit, seeks to serve God and the community by making the ministry of Jesus Christ relevant for the 21st century. Through our Worship; Learning; Caring; Service and Evangelism, lived out in many varied ways, we believe we offer something for all the community. Whatever your age Sutton Methodist Church would welcome you into its ‘Family’ through any of the activities you see mentioned on this website.