From the Manse. Dear Friends,

As September arrives, there is the hint of new beginnings in the air.

You may know of young children who are facing their first day at school, older children moving on to secondary school, or teenagers beginning their studies at college or university. A new term will begin at the Sutton Methodist Pre-School. Let us remember the staff and young children who are busy on Sutton premises through the week.

At Bransholme the Toddler and Parent groups and Messy Church led by Nichola will be getting underway again, creating safe places for God’s kingdom to grow.

Messy Church at Sutton will be offering crafts, stories, prayers, delicious food and the love of Jesus to all who come.

We say thank you to those who led the Holiday Club in July sharing Bible teaching and crafts in a fun and graceful manner with younger people and their families.

I expect many other activities and courses, Uniformed Organisations and Fellowship Groups are looking forward to a new term of learning and friendship after a holiday break.

Within the life of the Methodist Church, September marks the beginning of a fresh Church Year, and so I take this opportunity to wish you a ‘happy and fruitful year ahead!’

When the poet Longfellow was old, an admirer of his asked him how he was able to keep writing so beautifully.

Pointing to an apple tree close by, he replied, “That tree is very old, but I never saw prettier blossoms. The tree grows a little new wood each year, and out of that new wood those blossoms come. So, I try to grow a little each year!”

When it comes to growth, Christ is our example. The Bible says that he “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and other people” Luke 2 v 52.

Growing requires us to keep on learning. Every experience in life, including the ones that we don’t enjoy, brings knowledge and experience that can make our futures brighter and better than our present.

However, there is the sense in which we are called to look intentionally for and take up all those opportunities for learning and growing that come our way.

Growing also means that we must never stop developing our talents. When asked as an old man why he still practised six to eight hours every day, one of the world’s best-known violinists replied, “Because I think I’m getting better!” What a noble attitude! Paul told Timothy … “Stir up the gift … which is within you” 2 Timothy 1 v 6.

Growth never comes easily. It will always stretch and challenge us. Yet followers of Jesus are called to continue learning and growing, both in knowledge and in character.

The Learning and Caring section of the Methodist Our Calling statement which appears on the membership card suggesting that as a member of the Methodist Church I am called to: Learning and Caring through Bible study and meeting for fellowship, so that I may grow in faith and support others in their discipleship.

Harvest time approaches, a celebration and thanksgiving for growth, fruit and talents developed in all kinds of ways.

For the year ahead, are there are fresh commitments we can make to allow faith, learning, caring and mission possibilities to grow even more fruitfully in our lives and in our service together?

Every blessing, Rev Debbie


We continue to pray for and remember those who have recently lost loved ones.

We continue to pray for those living in residential homes and we pray for those who are unable to come to worship due to ill health or mobility problems.

We also pray for Our Minister, Debbie, and the other Circuit Staff. The needs of the Circuit, the Circuit Stewards and individual churches in the Circuit and the issues that face the Circuit.

Meet and Eat Church

The recently formed ‘Meet and Eat Church’ has now taken place at The Lambwath four times since March and is regularly supported by around 40 people, with the average attendance being about 35 people.

The Group has had a ‘summer break’ during August, but will be starting up again on Monday 9th September.

Further meetings will then take place at four or five week intervals. Look out for future dates and please sign up on the list on the Primary Room notice board if you would like to come along.


Please collect a copy of this newsletter from one of our churches to see this section.


The new District Safeguarding Officer Katy Spencer-Madden has now taken over from Laura Gallery and contact details can be found on the notice board in the Primary Room. We wish Katy and Laura every blessing as they take up their new roles.

Advance Module Safeguarding Training

There are a number of dates throughout the District for this training course but the ones which are nearest to us are to be held at:

  • Willerby Methodist Church, Hull – Monday 20th January 2020, 10am to 3pm
  • Trinity Methodist Church, Hull – Tuesday 21st January 2020, 10am to 3pm

both with lunch provided. If you didn’t manage to do this training in the first round please book a place on the course via the District Office, mentioning your role, circuit and any dietary requirements you may have.

Queen’s Birthday Honours

Andrew Hitchen, a member at Wesley Chapel in Harrogate, has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to music in Harrogate this year.

Andrew has organized a series of classical concerts at Wesley Chapel for 24 years.

Congratulations to Andrew. We may not know him personally but isn’t it great to know we have such talented people in our District.

My Guide Service

Guide dogs for the Blind operate an additional service where human guides accompany blind people (who do not have a guide dog) on visits and activities outside their home.

Alan Precious from the District is offering to speak to church groups about this service free of charge.

Just contact the District Office or see Deacon Sue if you are interested in inviting Alan to your group.

Beetle Drive

What a fabulous afternoon we had when 33 people came together for a Beetle Drive on Saturday 3rd August.

Some came from as far away as sunny Bolton (ha! ha!) in Lancashire and others who joined us from the monthly ‘Meet and Eat’ church as they hurtled down the motorway to get to the event on time.

The afternoon was relaxed although a bit noisy and intense with everyone out to win that amazing pack of sweets or lolly on offer. But it was also full of fun with the ‘experts’ doing their bit to give a helping hand to those in need.

Everyone had their fill and enjoyed the delicacies provided at tea-time.

There were flowers donated from a 40th Wedding Anniversary for people to take home. And although there was no charge for the afternoon an amazing £120 was raised for Church Funds.

If you came and had a good time, watch out for the next social event. It may be another beetle drive it may be something different.

Whatever it is please come again, bring your friends and let’s make it another occasion when the church and friends can laugh and let their hair down (if you’ve got some) together.

Deacon Sue

‘BUILDING AN ARK’ – ARK = Acts of Random Kindness

Why not join the Circuit as we enter a week of Mission. Here are 40 Acts of Random Kindness to get us going:

  1. Deliver fresh-baked cookies to a neighbour or co-worker.
  2. Give away soft drinks outside of Church.
  3. Bring flowers to someone.
  4. Offer to baby-sit for free.
  5. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in the queue.
  6. Pay for someone’s fast food meal behind you in the drive-through.
  7. Send a note of encouragement to someone.
  8. Give another driver your parking spot.
  9. Offer to pray for a small business owner.
  10. Take someone a newspaper.
  11. Have a conversation with a complete stranger.
  12. Help someone with the gardening.
  13. Pay for someone else’s petrol at a petrol station
  14. Give a treat to the postman or delivery person.
  15. Spend 30 minutes picking up litter.
  16. Offer to pray for a stranger.
  17. Tidy up a mess someone else has left.
  18. Donate financially to a needy person or cause.
  19. Leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress.
  20. Pay for someone’s movie that is behind you in line.
  21. Slip a £20 bill to someone who you know is struggling financially.
  22. Pay for someone’s meal or dessert at a restaurant.
  23. Phone five people in order to encourage and affirm them.
  24. Bake goodies and take them to the emergency services.
  25. Take a box of doughnuts to a school, office, etc.
  26. Volunteer somewhere for a day.
  27. Cook a meal for a neighbour or co-worker.
  28. Donate some bibles to local charity shops.
  29. Tell a stranger about the Good News of Jesus.
  30. Forgive someone.
  31. Be intentionally kind to someone.
  32. Telephone someone you haven’t spoken to in over a year.
  33. Talk to a quiet person who seems lonely.
  34. Tape coins to a vending machine.
  35. Pay for a young families meal at a restaurant.
  36. Run an errand for someone who finds it difficult to leave home.
  37. Write a thank you note to a waiter at a restaurant.
  38. Invite someone you don’t know well over for dinner.
  39. Mow someone else’s lawn.
  40. Pray for five friends to come to know Jesus.

Barn Dance

Our annual Barn Dance will be held on Saturday 5th October at 7pm in the Sutton Methodist Church Hall and the music will be provided by the Straylarkers Barn Dance Band.

Admission is £5 for adults and £2.50 for children including supper and tickets can be obtained at the door.

Please come along and support this traditional Harvest celebration.

Exploring Craft

Meets once a month at Ings Library, and at Central Library from 10 am to 12 noon. All welcome.

Details from Linda Whitton in Church or via our Facebook page.

Knitting Projects

Donations of knitting for the Baby Unit, and the Twiddlemuffs for patients with Dementia continue to be needed.

Every time I take bags of knitting in, the hospital staff I hand them over to, are so grateful and full of admiration of the items, and of the people who make them.

I am happy to take them in to the hospital, despite the waiting time to get in! so please do keep them coming.

Anyone who wold like to join our band of knitters will be very welcome. Details of what to knit, and patterns can be supplied.

Contact Linda in Church or via our Facebook page.

Christian Aid

Ruth would like to thank everyone who helped in any way to raise money for Christian Aid Week.

  • The Big Brekkie raised £185
  • The Garden Party raised £594
  • The Copper Jar £8
  • Donations of £298.00
  • Angie’s Humber Bridge Walk £165
  • Kcom Raffle £142
  • Giving a very pleasing Grand Total of £1392.00

Many thanks to you all.

Jean Lumb

Please collect a copy of this newsletter from one of our churches to see this section.


Reading through three editions of the Sutton Methodist Church Newsletter from 40 years ago (July/August, September, and October 1979) I was reminded that it was a year of change.

Rev Arnold Johnson wrote his final letter in the July/August edition. Senior Steward, Mary Salvidge, wrote a letter of welcome to Rev John Girling and his wife, Rosemary, in the September edition.

In this edition there was also a letter from John Girling, but it had been written before he and Rosemary actually moved.

Then in the October edition John Girling wrote his first letter after his arrival in Sutton. In this letter he focused on Faith, Hope and Love and concluded by saying:

As we take up the challenge for this new era let us look backward in Faith, forward in Hope and upward and outward in Love.

This lovely benediction from a stained glass window in Dornoch Cathedral in Scotland can be our constant inspiration:

May God’s love overshadow you
His Power protect you
His Spirit guide you
His Peace enfold you

Thank you for your loving welcome and prayers, Your friend and Minister, John Girling

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church, in the Hull East circuit, seeks to serve God and the community by making the ministry of Jesus Christ relevant for the 21st century. Through our Worship; Learning; Caring; Service and Evangelism, lived out in many varied ways, we believe we offer something for all the community. Whatever your age Sutton Methodist Church would welcome you into its ‘Family’ through any of the activities you see mentioned on this website.