Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoy reading the Reports that have been assembled in this document to tell a story of the mission and life of Sutton Methodist Church over the past year.

I trust you will find the articles informative and encouraging. Thank you to everyone who has written a report and to our Church Council Secretary for putting this newsletter together.

Thank you to all who continue to plan, organise and lead the activities and events for the children and adults of all ages that people living in this community find supportive and life-giving.

Thank you to all who oversee the finance and governance of Sutton and look after the Church buildings and grounds. Also, we give thanks for those who help us to share in God’s work beyond the walls of the building, reaching out to others in care, concern and friendship.

In this past year we have expressed our joy and gratitude for the conscientious and detailed work that resulted in a new ceiling for the Church and for fresh decoration both within the building and upon the external fabric of the premises.

The generosity of God’s people is to be celebrated. The Songs of Praise service with hymns and readings chosen by the congregation and led by our accomplished organist and singers at the beginning of September highlighted our praise to God for the work of renewal and repair.

This year we were due to hold the General Church Meeting on Sunday 17th May, but, of course, we were unable to meet as planned.

We did not have the opportunity to thank our Church Stewards for all their hard work and dedication over the previous year. So, here, we express our appreciation for the care, prayer, enthusiasm and creative ways they continue to offer leadership within the Church family at Sutton.

As far as I am aware, all of them are willing to continue in their roles at present. We would have also elected representatives from the Church to serve on Church Council. There will be an opportunity to confirm or note a change in any of these appointments at a future date if necessary.

In addition, we thank those who, in sustained ways, have been looking after and keeping members and friends together since Church buildings were closed in mid-March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Within society, everyone has needed to work together during these tough, sad and uncertain circumstances.

We trust in the love and hope of God to carry us through and beyond these times of challenge and change.

Throughout the year, many people have offered their skills, time, friendship and energy in a voluntary capacity to serve God and the community of Sutton.

We give thanks for their dedication and pray they will be inspired and given the strength to continue in their service.

At Advent and Christmas, we were enabled to welcome and worship Jesus through story, song and community events. Then share in the fun and laughter and in genuine admiration for the talents displayed in the Pantomime at the very end of February.

As we mark our journey through another year, we celebrate the gifts and graces of each person who has found a place of belonging at Sutton Methodist Church.

At the General Church Meeting we would have paused to remember the names and the lives of those members and friends who have died during the past year, since our last Gathering. Precious ones who are now at peace in the rest and love of God. We would have given thanks for their faith and service.

It has been an extremely difficult time in recent months for some of our members who have cared for loved ones during illness and then, sadly, in death. Let us call to mind and give thanks for those who have died during the time of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

We pray also for their friends, who feel, because of the Lockdown restrictions, they have not been able to be alongside them as they would have liked to have been in normal circumstances. We note that it is the intention of most of the families to hold a Thanksgiving Service for their loved ones in Church once the current restrictions are lifted.

There will be family members and friends whom you have grieved for over the past year. May you continue to know God’s comfort and peace in your loss and the promise of his healing power as you emerge into your altered way of life.

For all of us, there is a step of faith to take as we emerge from the fear and uncertainty of recent days. No doubt, there will be changes in the life of the Church and her witness beyond the walls as we seek to help others rebuild lives and livelihoods.

We do not know exactly where Christ will lead us as a Church family in the coming year. But I am reminded of some words of St Paul in 2 Corinthians 12.9 as he prayed that he might be released from an ailment. ‘But he (the Lord) said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

I pray that the grace of the Lord will be sufficient for us, in our weaknesses as well as in our strengths, throughout the coming year. We need not be afraid of the way ahead.

We serve a risen Lord who calls us to show and to tell of his mercy and peace, holding fast to his promise of Good News for all. In the words of one of the newest banners in Sutton Methodist Church: ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ 1 Corinthians 13.13

Every blessing, Rev Debbie

Due to data protection laws, this online newsletter does not cover everything, may exclude names and all other personal details. If you need to view the full contents of this newsletter, please contact us on FaceBook.


Christian Aid raised a total of £1392 last year. The Garden Party at the Hornbeams raised £594, the Big Breckie £185, donations £298, Angie’s Humber Bridge Walk £165 and her Kcom Raffle £142 and the copper jar £8.

Many thanks to everyone who supported and helped towards this grand total.


We have had another enjoyable year of worship, fun and laughter. We all look forward to our Thursday afternoons with the meeting with a prayer and a favourite hymn, no music but we make a joyful sound for God, then read a poem, verse or story.

We don’t have a speaker, one of our members sorts us out with games and quizzes. We even have a sports day and it’s surprising how competitive we all get to win a bar of chocolate.

We then have a relaxing time over a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits served up by June. Then we finish with The Grace and all go home in really good spirits after an afternoon of laughter and praise.

We are all very sad over the loss of our friend Brenda and will find it very hard when we go back but she will always be part of our amazing Fellowship and will never be forgotten.

Fellowship has been a big part of our lives for so long and especially through this time when we have to stay in and stay safe. We are all keeping in touch by telephone (no internet) all the time and being there for each other.

We would also like to say a big thank you to our Church family who have helped us all so much with shopping, calls etc. and we really appreciate the service sheets, prayer sheets and notices that helps us keep in touch with all that is going on.

Many, many thanks to you all and God Bless from Thursday Ladies Fellowship.


It was with great regret that after 50 plus years we have had to close our doors to Mums and Tots as the numbers of children had dropped to an average of 2 per week.

Over the years we have seen lots of children of mums who came as children themselves, even a couple of grandmas. It would be interesting to know just how many children came over our threshold.

There have been lots of helpers over the years. We still see many of the children out and about at Messy Church, church activities, school, pantomime etc.

A big thank you to everyone who’s helped over the years and the memories they have helped to create.


Over the last couple of years, since the sad loss of Barbara as stalwart leader of the Playgroup for many, many years, the staff team has had to come to terms with distinct changes in the management of the group.

The Playgroup is now managed and supported via a small committee under the auspices of the Methodist Church. These arrangements have been a challenge to the management committee as this area of work is not something with which church members have had to deal.

The changes have also been a challenge to the staff as the relationship and bond between them, Barbara was such a strong, long-standing one.

The day-to-day organisation, leadership and education of the children continues to be very ably covered achieving outstanding educational results, setting up the children in their care for their continued education at primary school.

The staff team is made up of an impressive set of educators and our praise and thanks go them in their work.

Two of our members have worked hard on refurbishing various items of playschool equipment, such as painting tables and sprucing up chairs. They also erected the newly purchased storage shed in the yard to house a lot of the outdoor play equipment to lighten the workload for the staff as previously all equipment had to be man-handled indoors for storage.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the pupils and staff the church Health & Safety and Safeguarding policies and procedures have been updated.

The playschool staff continue to work hard on producing interesting and innovative experiences and events for the children and their parents.

One which I attended was ‘The Bug Lady’ who introduced both children and parents to some fascinating creepy crawlies. The annual Nativity Play took place with the church hall packed with parents and several church members.

As always, this event was excellent; well put together and lead by the staff and superbly executed by the children. Not a dry eye in the house!

Please remember the long-standing links which our church has to the playschool. If you are passing the hall, why not stop for a quick chat to staff when the children are playing in the yard.

You would always be welcome to the Nativity event too. These children are an important part of our local community and, therefore, part of our outreach and mission, prayers and thoughts.


We reopened the group in September led by Rev Debbie. Finishing the season with an evening of carols and readings.

We didn’t meet again until February thinking the weather would be inclement – it wasn’t. We huddled together in the Primary room and 18 members enjoyed an evening of memories of the 1950’s.

On the 26 February We were given a most interesting talk on “waste disposal”, what to put in our bins – yes never again will we put things into the wrong bin!

March 11th gave us chance to say “Bon Voyage” to Lansford as he left Hull to take his sabbatical leave with Grace in Sierra Leone. Little did we know that the whole world would come to a standstill because of the corona virus pandemic.

We cannot meet together for any or our church activities, but the Sutton bush telegraph continues to pass on our messages. I hope by now all our members are in touch and I wish you all best wishes and Gods blessing until we meet again.


How it started for me:

In 2008, having taken early retirement from my job as an H.R. Officer, I attended the flower group when Rev Keith visited, and, surprised to see me there, (why wasn’t I at work?) we had a chat and he told me he was looking for a volunteer to do the monthly church newsletter, and, would I be interested in taking it on? I agreed to give it a go.

The task would mean I could keep up my I.T. skills something I was keen to do after working hard to obtain qualifications. Little did I know I would still be doing it 12 years later.

After further discussion, we decided the format of the newsletter – the letter from the Manse and Church news always goes first, followed by our thoughts and prayers for others. Future events, rotas and thank you’s follow and ending with the “40 years ago”.

Later we added Bransholme news and events and the newsletter expanded to reach more people.

Although I am the editor who pulls it all together, checks format, spelling and layout, etc. it is truly a TEAM CHURCH effort, to all those who contribute regularly, from Rev Debbie’s letter from the manse, Wendy and Sue who print it off, to Phil who helps me with bits of I.T. I have forgotten, to the willing volunteers who deliver it to those not on email and to Matthew who puts it on the Methodist Church website, it couldn’t be done without you all so thank you Team Church.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter or to receive it on email, please contact me.

by Jan Gay

While I am the one who maintains the Methodist Church website, I receive, via emails from Jan, the newsletters which helps to quickly copy & paste and restructure the newsletter as well as correct any errors that may have been missed.

Due to the new EU data protection laws (GDPR), I need to remove personal details like names and other types of personal information. I’m sorry if anyone that was mentioned in the original newsletter hasn’t been mentioned here or if anything has been left out (which I’ve had to do as without names, those sections wouldn’t make any sense).

If you would like your name to appear in future newsletters, please feel free to contact me and give your permission directly for your name or other information you wish to be used publicly.

Any members of Sutton Methodist Church Hull, who wish to have a post, photos or an article written here on this website or a contact form relating to what you do for the Church community, please contact me.

I setup Our FaceBook Page a few years ago after there was no official listing and the one that was listed was abused and referenced a non-related American Church. While I also maintain our FaceBook Page, it’s thanks to Angie who helps moderate, post updates and answer all of your questions.

As I also manage the Google Business Pages, if you have any photos you’d like on Google Maps or anything for YouTube, please feel free to send them to me.

by Matthew


Our financial year that ended in August 2019 was both memorable and expensive, as we carried out work deemed necessary to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

We spent almost £7,000 in the church hall, and later in the year we spent about £39,000 on work in the church itself, with its closure for worship for about two months.

Fortunately, we had enough money to complete all this work, even though it left our cash reserves severely depleted.

By the time we reached the year end however, we had heard from the solicitors dealing with our dear friend Mr. Renwick’s estate that we were the beneficiaries of a wonderful last gift of £32,000. This allowed us to end the year with cash of about £48,000, much more than we can ever have expected after such a costly year, and for which I am sure we are all enormously thankful.

The new year promised to be, if not exactly tranquil, perhaps a bit less hectic. What a good job we never know what’s just around the corner!

The first half of the year showed no sign of the storm ahead of us. I was actually a bit disappointed to see that in the six months we had overspent by over £3,000.

Some of this may be recovered in later months (e.g the very valuable contribution raised from the pantomime didn’t get into the half years figures – as it usually does – but will be picked up in the final figures at the end of the year – from memory that could represent almost half of the £3,000 deficit).

The most worrying factor is that direct giving was £1,000 less than during the same period last year. Last year we were all encouraged, in a letter from the Circuit Team, to increase our giving by 50p per week each year.

With luck we may have expected Sutton’s giving to show a year on year increase at the end of February of a few hundred pounds because of this. So a £1,000 reduction is a bit disappointing. Of course this does not mean that the Circuit Team’s message has fallen on stony ground, as other factors, such as the sad passing of some of our members, may have counterbalanced increased giving elsewhere.

Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that regardless of our efforts and entreaties, our direct giving remains stubbornly stuck. Last year the Church Council responded to requests from the circuit to increase our quarterly payment to them by £500. This commitment will be met, but if the church finances do not show an improvement in the coming months that commitment will have to be met out of our reserves.

All this is BEFORE we consider the effect on our finances of the coronavirus lockdown, which will of course exacerbate the position. Lost income from room lettings will cost us about £150 per week, and, perhaps, some lost direct giving income, that is usually put into the offertory basket in cash. On the plus side we may save a bit on gas and electricity.

However, as the circuit assessment represents about two thirds of the church’s total expenditure I will not be surprised if we are in ‘the red’ this year by a few thousand pounds.

Sadly our finances are beginning to resemble the old maths problem that I used to do at school, where a man is trying to fill a leaking cistern with water. It was a good sum to work out how long it would take to fill the cistern. Answer – a very long time. Will the flow from our standpipe be sufficient to keep pace with the widening hole in our cistern?

Chair; Business Committee – May 2020


Many people who pay income tax, agree to allow charities to claim some of their tax back from the government in relation to the amount that they give to the charity. Churches are able to do this too. Many of our members and friends signed up for this (some many years ago).

This amount represents tax refund gained on about 70% of all church giving. I am extremely hopeful that this will not be affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

A few years ago the government decided that they wished, in addition, to give help to charities on gifts made to them by non-tax payers. They gave it the title of ‘Gift aid small donations scheme’. It now earns us up to £2,000 per year of additional income; thus bringing total tax refunds to about £6,000 per year meaning that we get tax money on virtually 100% of all direct giving. But there are some special rules, and it is appropriate to remind you of them following the lockdown so that we do not miss out.

  1. Gifts must be in cash (not cheque or bank standing order)
  2. Gifts must not exceed £30 per week

If you are NOT A SIGNED-UP GIFT AIDER your giving gets included in this later scheme, and must therefore be in cash to qualify for inclusion in our tax claim. So if you are minded to make out a cheque to cover for the period of the lockdown when you return to worship, we will not be able to get tax back on it.

However, if the cash is put into your envelope each week, the envelopes can then be safely put into the offertory on your return to worship, and it can then be included in our tax claim.

I’m sorry if you find these rules inconvenient, I didn’t make them, but missing out on easy money is a luxury the church can ill afford.


We have 10 collectors; during the year to 31 August 2019 we raised £472.00. This was from the collectors and coffee mornings after the morning service.

I would like to thank all collectors, and all those who support the coffee mornings after morning service.

I would welcome any new collectors, children and adults, to support the important work of mission.


This year we continue with six Church Stewards and currently two Church Life Stewards. We thank all of our Stewards for their dedicated service, time and energy and for their attentiveness to the needs of the church.

Most of you will be aware that our new Welcome Leaflet is now complete and in circulation. Grateful thanks go to a church member who designed the leaflet and organised the printing for us.

As part of our mission these have been distributed to Messy Church members, Baptism families, church members and others with the help of the door stewards. If you haven’t seen one yet there are copies in the front entrance, please take one.

Many thanks go to the Rev M Jackman and her calligraphy skills for updating the Memorial Book and to Linda who continues to restore and update the Cradle Roll Posters.

The banner workshop is now up and running creating seasonal banners to enhance the spiritual life of the church. The four Christmas banners were well received but unfortunately the Easter workshop had to be postponed due to lock-down. We look forward to designing a new Harvest banner for display later in the year.

The Local Arrangement services, usually twice monthly, are currently led by three of our members with the help of many of the congregation. This seems to be a pattern we have got in to but is not set in stone. If any of the church activity groups, Wives and Friends, Ladies Thursday Fellowship, Prayer Group or Banner Group etc. would like to lead an LA please let one of the stewards know you are interested.

As we no longer have any bible studies or house groups, we are very grateful to Rev Debbie for leading us through the Advent and Lent study gatherings.

Also, for the Easter Service sheets and letters making it possible for the church to stay connected during these difficult and challenging times of Coronavirus.

We thank those who have helped out and for distributing the information which has been very much appreciated by so many people. Also, a huge thank you to those who have taken it on themselves to keep in touch with others. I know much of God’s work during this time has been spent on the telephone, sending e-mails, shopping and raising spirits with a friendly voice, concerns and anxieties and of course prayer.

We may not have been able to take the Easter message into the schools or hold any of our Easter services or activities as planned this year but we thank God for his gift of renewing energies and constant love and presence and for his Easter Blessing that Christ is risen, Alleluiah.


The Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers at Sutton Methodist have had another busy year. We are beginning to adapt to our new programme, as well as enjoying more traditional Guiding activities.

We enjoyed a joint Christmas celebration at Big Fun in December where all the sections took part, with girls from 5 to 18 years having fun (and chaos!) together.

The Brownies have continued to work on the new programme which was introduced last year and also worked hard towards achieving a ‘Greener Guiding’ challenge badge.

We continue to have a full pack and girls on our waiting list, so the girls must be enjoying their weekly meetings. In the summer we celebrated the packs 75th Birthday with a party attended by Brownies and leaders past and present.

A Sew on commemorative Camp blanket badge was made for the occasion and we still have some if anyone from the church with past connections to the unit would like one.

In July we said Goodbye to our leader with a party at Pizza Hut. She had been a leader at the unit for many years and she has agreed to still be registered as an occasional helper so she has not completely left us, however her ever increasing work commitments were making it difficult for her to run the unit on a weekly basis.

The Guides have also been doing their ‘Greener Guiding’ Challenge badge, as well as taking on the new Media badge. The girls have baked flapjack, and decorated Valentines biscuits.

They have also enjoyed a Hull fair Night, Thinking Day International evening, and continued to work towards their ‘skills builder’ part of their awards. We are planning a weekend away at our Guide House in Market Weighton in June, however this has been put on hold for the time being.

We are currently struggling with fewer guides than usual, although many of the older girls have gone to Rangers which is not a bad thing!

This year, the Rangers have sadly said goodbye to almost all of their members, who had gone on to bigger and better things at university. After a few weeks of having only two members, some emergency networking took place to replenish the group – which now consists of a lovely set of girls who are enjoying their time with us.

We have also said goodbye to our original leader, who has moved back home to Leicester, and welcomed our new leader-in-training.

Overall, we have been working towards badges from our new Guiding programme, including activities centred towards Self Care, Genealogy, and Beliefs. We have had great fun trying activities like yoga, and varying degrees of success in making our own pizzas.

As well as this, we still enjoy old favourites such as baking, crafts, and movie/snack meetings!


Scouting towards the end of our financial year has changed beyond recognition with the global pandemic affecting all we do however more on that later. Firstly, a large ‘thank you’ to all of the church community for continuing to support the group in so many ways.

With the continuing hard work of the leaders we have again managed to keep scouting in Sutton thriving. All sections are at capacity for both the space we have to work with and the leader numbers.

We continue to have record numbers of children on the books and a long waiting list which shows that if leaders and venues can be found, scouting can grow and continue to offer great adventures to the young people.

We have participated in almost all of the events put on by the district over the last 12 months and have been active in church parades with a large group of children also attending the 2019 remembrance service at St James.

One of the strengths of scouting has been the relatively low cost of adventures for our young people and that continued with camping, a group trip to the North Yorkshire Moors and railway and many other events through the year.

I reported last year that the next big overseas adventure would be in 2020 in Poland but alas that has now been postponed to 2021.

The group would, as always, welcome new adult members to the group.

I must now come on to the actions that scouting and our group have taken in response to COVID -19.

Face to face scouting ended in line with government instruction in mid-March. It is unlikely to re-start until September at the very earliest and maybe much later.

This has impacted on our income as we collect Subs on a weekly basis but thanks to the efforts of our fundraising committee, we will weather the storm financially and our donation to the church will remain unchanged.

Scouting has been going on- line with leaders setting weekly challenges for the young people to keep them busy and connected with the group during lockdown.

We are however all looking forward to the day when face to face meetings can commence.

Senior Leader



Last year we were lucky enough to have our Summer Holiday club in July 2019 The SHOWSTOPPERS although due to adverse weather conditions we had to cancel our trip to Bridlington late on the Friday afternoon.

We spent 3 days exploring the stories of Creation, David and Goliath and Daniel and the Lion. Each day the children did lots of crafts, quizzes, games and made buns connected with the stories. Every day they sang and learnt the actions to the holiday club song and memorised the verse 2 Timothy 1:9

We all had great fun sharing time together.

We would like to thank everyone that joined us either to take part, help or to Lead in some way.


Messy Church started its 11th year last September 2019. It is held once a month and still continues to grow from strength to strength and we still have new people joining us all the time (usually because a friend has mentioned how good Messy Church is) we are regularly having around 20 children with their Parents or Grandparents both in some cases.

The children make crafts related to a bible theme then we have a short service followed by a meal. The children and the adults have great fun.


We still have a craft club held once a month (usually a fortnight apart). We have the same register for both groups and it is well attended by the children and families, from Messy Church.


The Christmas Activity afternoon was held on the afternoon of the Christmas Carol Service, on December 15th and was The story of Christmas.

The children decorated bags to carry all the things they had made during the afternoon, including nativity mobile, angels, garlands, stained glass windows, cards, bookmarks, and many other crafts.

Our thanks go out to all those who helped and supported us in this activity day.

The children then attended a Nativity Story in the church with Keith & Rev. Debbie Lucas took the children into the church for a Nativity story service that everyone could join in with.

Some parts of this service were also repeated for the evening service. Keith Thomas commented that he hadn’t seen the church so full for a long time.

This event was very well attended by the children and their parents and members of our church family. We also made new connections with new families.


In February children from Messy Church joined everyone else taking part in the panto Cinderella to raise funds for the church, they all enjoyed it very much and they cannot wait for the next one.


We were unable to hold our Easter Craft afternoon and Easter Egg Hunt in the Easter Holidays due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

With the eggs that had been donated beforehand we then donated them to Joanne Nielsen (a mum from Messy Church) to put into the food parcels she was providing to vulnerable people in the Bransholme area.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has continued to support the children’s activities throughout the year and offered their encouragement and time to help with this very rewarding work.

We would especially like to thank our team of regular Messy Church and Craft Club helpers and of course it is with great sadness that we thank Brenda for all the time she has shared with us and the families, especially the children. She will be missed so much by so many. I know she will be watching over us.

Anyone wishing to join us at Messy Church you are more than welcome it doesn’t matter if you are crafty or not just the fact you can sit and talk to the children and their families is all we ask.

You can tell some of them a bible story connected to the craft. Who knows what connections can be made whilst we sow the seeds for the future.


I mentioned at the last AGM that I have agreed to run the Youth Club until Summer 2019 and then review our position again as we are struggling to find helpers after sending a number of requests to the parents.

We were still having the regular group of girls attending up until July 2020.

I sent a letter to the parents advising that we would be suspending the Youth Club for a year to see if anything else comes up or if I got bored.

On Friday 12th July we had a get together and invited people who had been to youth club over the years and provided food and drink to share.

The girls had bought us a bunch of flowers each and written the most wonderful card to each of us which they made us read in front of them all I can say is a few tears were shed. (mine continued for a few weeks).

To know that you have made such an impression on these young people is reward enough for the time spent doing the youth club.

We were going to meet up for the Bridlington trip as a special get together but the weather had other ideas.

I am still hoping that someone will have an idea for the Youths and if so I will happily help and support in any way possible.


The Meet and Eat Church started in March 2019 after an idea I got. This “meeting” was going to be a very different “meeting” with fun and fellowship being the main ingredients. It was going to be a time when the church fellowship could meet together to share a meal and to enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another better.

We have met on 11 occasions now and it is usually the first Monday of each month when we meet together at the Lambwath.

I book a table for everyone so I like to know before hand how many people are going. For this I put a list up for people to sign so that I can let the staff at the Lambwath know how many they will be catering for. Alternatively people can ring me to let me know if they want to go.

The Lambwath staff put together a long table for us all to sit together. The staff are very accommodating and welcome us warmly. Most people order a Carvery meal but some have pizzas. It is very informal and enjoyable and nobody has to wash up at the end!

The first Meet and Eat Church had 31 attend and the number has slowly grown, we usually get about 38 people meeting together. It is a great fellowship and the price for a carvery meal is very reasonable.

Everyone seems to have a really good time, it is a time when young and old get together. I think the youngest attendee is 8 and the oldest in their 90s.

It is the church coming together to share in a meal and fellowship and to have a great time of fellowship together.

Sadly, due to the coronavirus, this meeting is suspended and it is missed by so many.

We do hope that we can get together some time in the future and we would welcome anyone who has not been before or who has not heard about it. Give me a ring if you would like any more details.


Our singers came together for three rehearsals during August 2019. We were sharing ideas and rehearsing for the special service that was planned for Sunday 1st September. This was to be a Service of Celebration for the extensive work that had been completed in the Church during the first half of 2019.

Members of the Church congregation were invited to submit hymns, songs and readings for what proved to be a very special time of worship and thanksgiving.

A couple of months later we were rehearsing again, this time for ‘A Family Christmas Story’ that was eventually performed on Saturday 30th November.

Two members came up with a script and we interspersed this with appropriate carols and songs, some familiar and some new. We were delighted that some of the Church children and young people agreed to take part in the telling of the story. We were also very grateful to the musicians who were able to come together for this event, thus providing us with a live band.

A few days later, keeping to tradition, some of our singers also took part in the Martin House Carol Service at Holderness Road Methodist Church and then sang at our own Carol Service in the middle of December.

Several of our singers and many others were involved in the annual pantomime that took place at the end of February. Rehearsals were again a good blend of fun and fellowship. Two of our members spent hours preparing costumes and props.

The reward for them, and everyone involved, was an amazing turn out for the two performances and another substantial amount of money raised for Church funds.

As a Church we are thankful for those members and friends who regularly make a contribution to the musical side of our activities.

I would particularly like to thank Matthew for continuing to play the piano for alternate Sunday morning services. He is very flexible and willingly covers the Sundays that I allocate to him on our rota, sometimes covering Sundays when I am away and sometimes giving me the opportunity just to be part of the congregation.


Since last year’s Annual Church Meeting an amazing total of £641.70 has been donated and I should like to express huge gratitude for the enormous generosity of the church family at Sutton.

I know it is very much appreciated and will be used to help youngsters all over the country.


My first year as Property Steward has fortunately not been too challenging.

The biggest job to be undertaken was repairing the front columns and repainting the front entrance of the Chapel. Various inspections have been carried out in line with regulations including gas appliances, electrical appliances and wiring plus fire extinguishers. We also fitted smoke and heat alarm systems to the hall side of the premises.

General repairs and maintenance have been carried out as and when including taps, door handles, gutters, overhanging shrubs, light fittings, etc.

The Quinquennial inspection was due but cancelled due to the Coronavirus lockdown and will be rescheduled once we are back to normal.

We feel confident this should not throw up too many problems and, as in the past, any reasonable jobs that need carrying out can be done in house.

As the Property Steward, I am just a voice and could not carry out the jobs without the skills and knowledge of others. It also helps to be able to call on a friend for help and advice because his are very big shoes to fill.


In May we had a Spring Market which raised £586.00. Our Barn Dance and Harvest Supper in October is a social event and we managed to get £280.00, the band was given £300.00 with donations covering the shortfall.

This event saw 49 people get together including the Guides, 7 members of St James and lots of people from outside the church which means we are reaching out to others in the community.

The Christmas Fair and Sutton Village Fair combined made a total of £1053.87.

This year’s pantomime of Cinderella raised a total of £1382 with an additional £162 from the raffle for Lansford’s Send a Child to School Charity.


We meet in the church every Monday at 2.00 pm, either in the vestry or in the church itself, and welcome anybody who would like to join us.

We pray for ourselves and our families and friends, our church family and the future of the church, for the world in general and anything that occurs to us. Please join us.

Due to data protection laws, this online newsletter does not cover everything, may exclude names and all other personal details. If you need to view the full contents of this newsletter, please contact us on FaceBook.

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church, in the Hull East circuit, seeks to serve God and the community by making the ministry of Jesus Christ relevant for the 21st century. Through our Worship; Learning; Caring; Service and Evangelism, lived out in many varied ways, we believe we offer something for all the community. Whatever your age Sutton Methodist Church would welcome you into its ‘Family’ through any of the activities you see mentioned on this website.