Sutton Methodist Church Service Dates

Please note, this page will update every 2-3 months as new dates are released. Old dates and times will be removed so if you need to do so, write them down in a diary.

Date Time Location Service
20 May 10:45am Sutton Lucas, Parade
6:30pm Lucas, Holy Communion
27 May 10:45am Sutton Local Arrangement
6:30pm Bilton Grange Penn-Timity
3 June 10:45am Sutton McDonald
6:30pm Hedon Penn—Timity
10 June 10:45am Sutton Gray
6:30pm Sutton Penn—Timity
17 June 10:45am Sutton Munson
6:30pm Holderness Rd Penn—Timity
24 June 10:45am Sutton Ogle
6:30pm Hedon Healing Circuit Service
1 July 10:45am Sutton Crawford
6:30pm Bilton Grange Penn—Timity
8 July 10:45am Bransholme Ogle
6:30pm Holderness rd Plenderleith
15 July 10:45am Sutton Local Arrangement
6:30pm Portobello Circuit Service
22 July 10:45am Sutton I Grant
3pm Keyingham Newton CA
29 July 10:45am Sutton Creed
6:30pm Bilton Grange Penn—Timity
5 August 10:45am No Service N/A
2pm East Park Circuit Service
12 August 10:45am Sutton Lloyd (Holy Communion)
6:30pm Sutton Penn—Timity
19 August 10:45am Sutton Clayton
6:30pm Bilton Grange Holy Communion
26 August 10:45am Sutton Local Arrangement
6:30pm Bilton Grange Penn—Timity

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